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July 2017

Shades of Merino Cotton

TRIANGULAR SHAWL • Shades of Merino-Cotton
Approx. 160 cm long x 58.5 cm wide.

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Download the guide as a PDFDownload the guide as a PDF
To make this shawl, you’ll need 200 g of Lana Grossa Shades of Merino Cotton in Natural/Pink/Pale Green (col 402) and a 4 mm circular needle, 80 cm long.

Slip stitch selvage:
Knit the fi rst st of every row and slip the last st of every row as if to purl with yarn in front of work.

Shawl pattern:
Work according to chart. Numbers at right edge of chart indicate RS rows; on WS rows, work sts as they appear or according to chart key. Beg chart pat with 3 sts between arrows. Beginning on row 3, increase 1 st at end of RS rows as shown on chart. Work the 12-st pat rep shown in grey on chart throughout. After row 95, you will have 50 sts on the needle. Work rows 1 – 96 once, then repeat rows 73 – 96 [= 24 rows]. Continue to work increases as established. Work increased sts into pattern.

23 sts and 33.5 rows = 10 x 10 cm in shawl pat on size 4 mm needles.

With size 4 mm circular needle, cast on 3 sts. Next RS row: Work row 1 of chart for shawl pat. Cont to follow chart through chart row 96, then cont in pat as established until 135 sts are on the needle, 270 rows have been worked from cast-on and shawl measures approx. 80 cm. Next RS row: Work to last 3 sts, k2tog, slip st selvage. Cont in pat as established and decrease 1 st at end of every RS row until 3 sts remain. Work in garter st for 2 rows, then bind off remaining 3 sts.

Pin shawl to measurements and block. Carefully weave in all ends.

Knitting pattern