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June 2017


Size 36 - 40 (42 - 46)

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IInstructions are given for first size. Figure in parenthesis refers to larger size. When only one figure is given, it applies to both sizes.

550 (600) g of Lana Grossa „Classico” (100% mercerized cotton; 110 m/50g) in Greige (col 6). Size 5 mm crochet hook.

Elastic foundation chain:
See illustrations.

Single crochet [sc]:
Beg each row/rnd with ch1, then work 1 sc in each st across/around. Join rnds with a sl st in first sc.

Mesh stitch:
Worked over an odd number of sts. Row 1: Ch3 (count as 1 dc), skip next sc, * one group of [1 dc, ch2, 1 dc] in next sc, skip next sc; rep from *, end 1 dc in last sc. Row 2: Ch3 (count as 1 dc), * [1 dc, ch2, 1 dc] into ch2-sp of next group; rep from *, end 1 dc in top turning-ch. Repeat row 2 throughout.

Chains, single crochet sts and double crochet sts are all referred to as sts in the instructions.

22 sts and 7 rows = 10 x 10 cm in mesh st.

Loosely ch62 (70) and work 3 rows sc. Next, work mesh st = 123 (139) sts = 30 (34) groups plus 1 dc at beg and end of row. When back measures approx. 45 (44) cm from beg and 30 (29) rows have been worked in mesh st, place marker at each end of last row to indicate beg of armholes. Cont in pat until back measures approx. 20 (23) cm from markers and 14 (16) rows have been worked. Cut yarn and fasten off. Mark center 49 (53) sts for neck.

Work same as for back until 23 (24) rows have been worked in mesh st and front measures approx. 35 (36) cm from beg. Shape V-neck: Divide work at center. Working each side separately, leave 2 sts at each neck edge unworked on every row 4 (5) times, then leave 1 st unworked on every row 16 times. In cases where the row ends up beginning or ending with ch1 or ch2 during decreasing, do not leave the first or last or first 2 or last 2 dc unworked, but work 1 less chain between the first or last 2 dc. At same time, after having worked 7 (8) rows from beg of V-neck shaping and front measures same length as back to armhole markers, place armhole markers same as for back. Cont in pat until front measures same length as back to shoulders. Cut yarn and fasten off.

Loosely ch24 (27) and work 3 rows sc. Next, work mesh st, do not skip any sts on first mesh st row = 89 (101) sts = 22 (25) groups plus 1 dc at beg and end of row. When sleeve measures approx. 46 cm from beg and 31 rows have been worked in mesh st, cut yarn and fasten off.

Pin pieces to measurements and block. Sew shoulder seams. Work 4 rnds sc around neck edge, working approx. 14 sc over every 10 cm and sc- 3tog at center V. Turn work at end of each rnd. Sew on sleeves between markers. Sew side and sleeve seams.

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