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March 2017

Filati Journal 53

Approx. 90 x 194 cm

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Download the guide as a PDFDownload the guide as a PDF
250 g of Lana Grossa „Coco” (67% cotton, 33% nylon; 115 m/50 g) in Light Grey/Turquoise/Violet/Camel (col 9) and 100 g of Lana Grossa „Alcanto” (70% polyester, 30% polyamide; 125 m/50 g) in Sand (col 8). Size 4.5 mm needles; size 4.5 mm circular needles, 80 and 120 cm long; size 3.5 mm crochet hook. Garter st: K every row.
Lace pattern:
Work according to chart. Numbers at right edge of chart indicate RS rows, numbers at left edge of chart indicate WS rows. Beg chart pat with 5 sts between arrows. Work 2 increase rows as shown on chart, then work 1 row even = 2 sts increased at each edge over 3 rows. Chart shows lace pat in its entirety through chart row 43 = 61 sts. Work rows 1 – 43 once, then repeat rows 36 – 43 throughout, working incs as established and working increased sts into lace pat. The 6-st and 8-row pat rep is shown in grey on chart.

14 sts and 23 rows = 10 x 10 cm in lace pat on size 4.5 mm needles. Instructions: With size 4.5 mm needles, cast on 5 sts and work in lace pat according to chart, working incs as instructed and as shown on chart. Change to circularneedles as stitch count increases. After203 rows have been worked from castonand shawl measures approx. 89 cm,you will have 273 sts on the needle. Next,work in garter st for 4 rows, then bind offall sts loosely.

Pin shawl to measurementsand block. With crochet hook, work 1 rowsingle crochet along left and right sideedge. Make and attach fringe: For eachfringe, cut 3 strands of Alcanto, eachstrand 50 cm long. Insert crochet hookinto fabric from WS, fold 3 strands of yarnin half to form a loop, draw loop throughfabric, then draw yarn ends through loopand tighten. Attach 53 fringe along eachside edge, spaced approx. 1.5 cm apart.Trim fringe to 24 cm.

Knitting pattern