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December 2012

Modell des Monats December 2012

Filati Home 50, Model 53

Approx. 12½” x 19” [32 x 48 cm] after felting
approx. 18” x 23½” [46 x 60 cm] before felting

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Figures on schematic show measurements after felting, figures in parenthesis show measurements before felting.
approx. 20 balls (approx. 55yd/50m each) of Lana Grossa „Feltro” (100% wool) in dark grey (col 4). Size 17 [12.75mm] needles, size L/11 and N/15 [8 and 10mm] crochet hook, cable needle [cn], Shout® Color Catcher® if desired.
Feltro shrinks approx. 30- 40% during felting process
Cable/Bobble Pattern:
work according to chart. Chart shows front in its entirety. Back is worked same as for front. Numbers at right edge of chart indicate RS rows; on WS rows, work sts as they appear or according to chart key. Work rows 1-60 once. For handles, work rows 61- 66 throughout.
10 sts and 13 rows = 4” [10 cm] in cable/bobble pat with 2 strands of yarn held tog and measured before felting.
with 2 strands of yarn held tog, cast on 36 sts and work in cable/bobble pat according to chart. Work increases as shown on chart – 62 sts. When piece measures 18” [46cm] from caston and 60 chart rows have been worked, bind off 9 sts at right edge, sl next 8 sts for handle to holder, then bind off remaining 45 sts. Next, sl 8 handle sts from holder to needle and work chart rows 61-66 until handle measures approx. 27½” [70cm]. Graft live sts to bind-off edge above cable pat at opposite side.
work same as for front-
sew side and bottom seams. With larger crochet hook and 2 strands of yarn held tog, work rev sc [work sc from left to right] along top edge of bag. With smaller crochet hook and 1 strand of yarn, work rev sc along edges of handles. Carefully weave in all ends.
place bag, Shout® Color Catcher® and a couple of old towels into washing machine. Set your washing machine on the lowest water setting, the highest temperature and the longest agitation possible. Turn on the machine and let it fill with water. Add small amount of detergent if desired. Shape felted bag, stuff with crumpled paper and let dry
pick your favorite among Feltro’s wide selection of beautiful colors.